Good education is a ticket to quality life !
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Dear Parents,
Our institution "Akhnaton" has attained a reputable and prestigious standard in education in no time, and will continue to maintain its perfection. Our main aim is to improve the social, educational and moral qualities in our students while developing new Learning strategies, so students could achieve the academic potential and lead a healthy and creative life with passion for learning. Nowadays education has to transmit virtues while teaching the skills of effectiveness. We believe that money and property are not lasting, they could vanish and lose their value and power, but morals, Knowledge and good qualities will always last. All students have the right to attain a high quality of education, as we support the belief that talented students should be given the chance to improve their talents. Our aim is to provide a well sounded education with the best available facilities. Educating the future leaders of tomorrow is our challenge and aim as we encourage the idea of individualism in each and every student.

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