Good education is a ticket to quality life !
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Education is a serious mission which provides the tradition value& the most up to date learning technologies that change the process of learning & thinking.

At Alkhnaton Egyptian College we have the most up dated methods of teaching English.
Our programs have not only English language labs but Science, technology, multi – media room and a computer education resource library.

It also includes up to date computer labs.

Our aim is to teach students how to develop their ability of using English effectively for the purpose of communication in all aspects of life.

We try to help them develop their awareness of the nature of English language and the learning skills.
We also aim to develop the students favorable attitude towards learning in general and the foreign cultures in particular.

Akhnaton educational system gives a lot of importance to extra curricular activities side by side with the academic studies.

Our students are encouraged to develop their hobbies and skills through their participation in the physical, academic, scientific & artistic pursuits.

We believe that extra curricular activities sum up students education.

They complete and facilitate students academic studies while paving the way for them to socialize, relax and have fun through learning.

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