Good education is a ticket to quality life !
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Our mission is encouraging a "life long" love of learning.
Our target is developing children skills to be independent, creative, artistic and responsible members of society.
Our commitment is offering a high quality of education, surrounded by a safe & caring environment from kgs up to high school.
Our chief goal is developing the full talents & capabilities of children by focusing on the ability to think critically & logically.
Our extra curriculum activities are divided into.
Physical Exercises: they enjoy aerobics, gymnastics, bicycle riding, basketball & share in competitions among classes.
Computer: our computer lab is equipped with several up to date computers to allow children to play games, print, draw, colour & learn about programs to cope with modern technology.

Home Economics: our children pay a weekly visit to home economics lab to enjoy cooking, baking & preparing light meals & juices with their own hands.

They also enjoy planting seeds with the help of our agriculture tearm.
Art: to encourage their artistic talents & creative children are allowed to paint, colour, print & make various handcrafts.

Music: they practice playing music & singing in the music room.
Our classrooms: are designed with a special healthy atmosphere which helps the children to feel comfortable & at ease as if they are in their own houses, which is necessary at this early age.
Our classrooms are divided into 4 corners: library, puzzles, Know about corner & puppet show.
In addition to: TV, sub, air condition 4 fans, colourful curtains, safety floor covering, storage cupboards and a toilet.

We believe in the following quotation
"Children need more than books to learn"

They don't just need to HEAR they also need to SAY
They don't just need to SEE they also need to TOUCH
They don't just need to READ they also need to SING
They don't just need to WRITE they also need to DRAW
They don't just need to TAKE they also need to GIVE
They don't just need to HAVE they also need to SHARE
They don't just need to KNOW they also need to CREATE
They don't just need to MEMORIZE they also need to ANALIZE
They don't just need to TAUGHT they also need to GIVE SOME THOUGHT
And we are doing our best to make it real.

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