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There is no doubt that Activities are very essential for our students throughout their different educational stage. Consequently, we have to confirm that, Akhnaton Egyptian College is very much concerned with Activities and gives them major importance which goes parallel with the academicals and educational aspects.

In Akhnaton College, we've got all the reasons of success to provide the best and most Special Activities to our dear students like the Athletic Sports Activities with its different games, competitions and highly qualified pools. Also we have the Artistic Activities like Arts and Music.

Moreover, we have got the most recent computer labs and multi-media to develop the student's computer skills.

Not only that, but there are also Cultural Activities available in libraries, researches and competitions among the top students in different stages. Also we have the Religious seminars.

To conclude, we are proud to say that Akhnaton Egyptian College gathered all the above mentioned Activities under one ultimate target which is building the student's complete and balanced character.



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