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The curriculum, which includes coursework, co-circular activities and other educational experience as described, is the school's formal plan to fulfill its Mission Statement and expectations for student learning.

The curriculum links what the school believes and expects students to learn to its instructional practices. The strength of the curriculum is dependent upon staff commitment.

Akhnaton curriculum development includes the following considerations:

  • Each curriculum area or subject must identify expectations for student learning, i.e. Student behavioral learning objectives.
  • Curriculum documents must be aligned with the school's Mission Statement and expectations for student learning.
  • The content of the curriculum must ensure that all students have sufficient opportunity to practice and demonstrate.
  • The school will provide opportunities to extend student learning beyond the normal course offerings and the school campus.
  • Instructional materials, technology, equipment and supplies, and staffing must be sufficient to allow for the implementation of the curriculum.
  • There must be ongoing review and evaluation of the curriculum that takes into account the assessments of student performance in achieving the school's academic expectations for student learning.
  • The school will commit sufficient time, financial resources, and personnel to the review and evaluation of the curriculum.
  • The professional staff must be actively involved in the development and revision of the curriculum.
  • Professional development activities must support the development and implementation of the curriculum.

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